MetadataLabel Class Reference

Inherits from UILabel
Declared in MetadataLabel.h


Label that displays text with substitutions based on the currently playing song.

If no song is being played, the text property is set to an empty string.

If a song is playing, the label will assing the value of format with some substitutions to the text property. The following table shows the strings in the format property and what they are substituted with:

  • %ARTIST is replaced with the name of the artist on the current song
  • %ALBUM is replaced with the name of the album the current song appears on
  • %TRACK is replaced with the title of the current song

For iOS, this class subclasses MarqueeLabel so that the field is automatically animated if it is too big to fully render its contents.


This value is assigned to the text property with substitutions whenever the currently playing song changes. See the class overview for the list of substitutions.

@property (strong, nonatomic) IBInspectable NSString *format

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