LockScreenDelegate Protocol Reference

Conforms to NSObject
Declared in LockScreenDelegate.h


If you don’t want the Adaptr SDK to fully manage lock screen metadata and the display of feedback command buttons, then pass the AdaptrAudioPlayer an FMLockScreenDelegate. When the AdaptrAudioPlayer wants to update the lock screen it will, instead, call this delegate, which is expected to update the MPNowPlayingInfoCenter data and enable or disable the like, dislike, and skip buttons.

Note that, unless you set the AdaptrAudioPlayer’s doesHandleRemoteCommands property to FALSE, the SDK will still register to handle skip, like, dislike, play, and pause MPRemoteCommand events.

– updateLockScreenInfo:dislikeActive:likeActive:nextTrackEnabled: required method

This method is called when the Adaptr SDK wishes to update the MPNowPlayingInfoCenter metadata.

- (void)updateLockScreenInfo:(NSDictionary *)info dislikeActive:(BOOL)dislikeActive likeActive:(BOOL)likeActive nextTrackEnabled:(BOOL)nextTrackEnabled



an NSDictionary suitable for assigning to the MPNowPlayingInfoCenter’s nowPlayingInfo property


when TRUE, the user dislikes the currently playing song


when TRUE, the user likes the currently playing song


when TRUE, the user may skip the currently playing song


The dictionary passed in is suitable for assignment to [MPNowPlayingInfoCenter defaultCenter].nowPlayingInfo and may contain data for the following keys:

  • MPMediaItemPropertyAlbumTitle
  • MPMediaItemPropertyArtist
  • MPMediaItemPropertyTitle
  • MPMediaItemPropertyPlaybackDuration
  • MPNowPlayingInfoPropertyElapsedPlaybackTime
  • MPNowPlayingInfoPropertyPlaybackRate
  • MPMediaItemPropertyArtwork

note that these keys may be missing if no song is playing

NOTE all apps powered by the Adaptr SDK must display song title, artist, and album information on the lock screen, per our music licenses.

To exactly duplicate the default handling of the MPNowPlayingInfoCenter data by the Adaptr SDK, you would implement this method as:

[MPNowPlayingInfoCenter defaultCenter].nowPlayingInfo = info;

MPRemoteCommandCenter *rcc = [MPRemoteCommandCenter sharedCommandCenter];

MPRemoteCommand *nextTrackCommand = [rcc nextTrackCommand];
MPFeedbackCommand *dislikeCommand = [rcc dislikeCommand];
MPFeedbackCommand *likeCommand = [rcc likeCommand];

if ([info objectForKey:MPMediaItemPropertyTitle] != NULL) {
    [nextTrackCommand setEnabled: nextTrackEnabled];

    [dislikeCommand setEnabled:YES];
    [dislikeCommand setActive:dislikeActive];

    [likeCommand setEnabled:YES];
    [likeCommand setActive:likeActive];

} else {
    [nextTrackCommand setEnabled: NO];
    [dislikeCommand setEnabled:NO];
    [likeCommand setEnabled:NO];


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