AdaptrAudioPlayer Events Document

The AdaptrAudioPlayer class emits a number of events via NSNotificationCenter to inform clients about what the player is doing. This document lists those constants defined in AdaptrAudioPlayer.h


The AdaptrAudioPlayer have changed it’s playbackState property value.n The first time this event is emitted, the state of the player will be one of AdaptrAudioPlayerPlabackStateUnavailable, AdaptrAudioPlayerPlaybackStateReadyToPlay, or AdaptrAudioPlayerPlaybackStateOfflineOnly.


The AdaptrAudioPlayer has started playback of a new song. This is only triggered once for any song (and not, for instance, after resuming playback from a pause).


The activeStation property of the AdaptrAudioPlayer has just changed.


The canSkip property of the AdaptrAudioPlayer has just changed.


A request to skip the current song has been denied by the servers. Users may skip up to 6 songs per hour per station. The AdaptrAudioPlayer canSkip property is a best guess as to whether the user may skip the current song - but the player doesn’t ultimately know until it asks the servers for permission to skip the current song.


As the player advances from one song to the next, this notification announces when the like status of the new song is different from the like status of the previous song.


After every half second of music playback, this notification is triggered.


Upon initialization, the AdaptrAudioPlayer tries to pre-load some data to speed up song starts. This notification is triggered when that pre-loading has completed.


This notification is triggered when the AdaptrAudioPlayer has successfully generated a new unique client id after a call to AdaptrAudioPlayer createNewClientId


This notification is emitted during offline station downloading. This is the same event passed to the delegate in AdaptrAudioPlayer downloadAndSyncStation:withDelegate: . The userInfo object contains NSNumber values for the keys TotalDownloads, FailedDownloads, and DownloadsPending.